About us




Doboz és Acélszerkezet-gyártó Kft. was established in 2007 to focus ont he supply of commercial steel structures.  The company has its own premises, and adequate machinery needed to construct high quality steel structures. Within the confines of our profile we construct the following items:


-railings on bridges and overpasses in Hungary (~500 pieces)
-crash barriers,
-roof steel structures,
-steel structures for building engineering,
-noise barriers, bird barriers,
-pipe bridges,
-buildings of steel structures.


Our main customers:


Swietelsky Magyarország Kft.
Porr Építő Kft.
Market Építő Zrt.
Strabag Zrt.
COLAS Hungária Zrt.
Konstruktor Rt.
Magyar Aszfalt Kft.
Lidl Magyarország Bt.
Swietelsky Vasúttechnika Kft.   


In recent years, the company has been working on highways (M0, M1, M30, M35, M4, M43, M5, M6, M8, M8, M9), bridges (M0, M8, M9), viaducts (Szebény, Csele), overpasses in Budapest and on minor roads.


-fall protection barriers,
-crash barriers- single, double,
-maintenance hole end,
-drainage, using Hobas and KM PVC tubes and profiles,
-lightning protection with certificate,
-dilatation cover with steel structure,
-noise barriers, bird barriers: concrete, wood and concrete mixed, wooden panels, plexi, tempered glass. The -company has EMI certificate.
-railway bridge steel structure.


Structural architecture


Steel roof structures:

Sugár shopping mall, Budapest
Árkád shopping mall, Budapest
Kecskemét waterpark


Buildings of steel structures:

Opel, Szentgotthárd
Henkel, Környe
Pusztaottlaka, 3 pieces


Árkád shopping mall, Szeged
Opel, Szentgotthárd
Teva, Gödöllő
Lidl logistic center, Szigetszentmiklós
Bosch, Budapest


Pipe bridges, signal bridges:

MOL, Gomba
Árkád, Szeged
Magyar Televízió
Teva, Gödöllő
Henkel, Környe


Advertisement boards:



Crash barriers:

Lidl logistic center, Szigetszentmiklós
Árkád shopping mall, Szeged/Budapest (Örs vezér tér)
Liszt Ferenc Airport


Frontage supporting structure:

Eiffel Palace, Budapest
USA Embassy, Budapest


Decorative frontage:

New Generation Center - Zánka
Condominium, Budapest, Mártonhegyi street